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One Year On - by Mick Rafferty

October 11th, 2010 ·

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A year has passed

A year has passed since the news swept across the inner city that the great champion for justice and fairness had passed away. Since then it has become a fact that when the social history of Dublin over the past thirty years is written, Tony Gregory’s name and his contribution will loom large.

Tony’s got involved in community work, like many of us, coming from a republican or sot background. In Tony’s case it was of course from both of these traditions that he emerged. In ways he was disillusioned not with republicanism but the feuding and the bitterness

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that plagued the movement. This bitterness would see his one time republican mentor, Seamus Costello, murdered around the corner from where Tony lived.

Seamus Costello had become a councillor in bray and embraced community activism, Tony chooses to follow a similar

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path in his own area. Likewise with the sot parties, they had lost their radical momentum for the sixties and seemed remote from the

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struggles that Tony now wanted to embrace.

Tony’s quest was to find a way of turning his idealism into the concrete practice of fighting for social justice in the here and now and not wait for some future utopia.

What Tony found when he became active in the North Inner City of Dublin was a group of like mind activist who were developing a social analysis of the causes of poverty and disadvantage in the area. He

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also found and become involved in the

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beginnings of an organisational response to these issues, the North Central community Council. This was made up of Tenant and Community organisations from across the north city. Tony became Secretary of the council and it was through this position that he began his public and indeed political life. One person of course can not make a movement but the qualities he brought to that humble position were ones which would characterise him for the rest of his life. He was extremely disciplined, persistent to the point of stubbornness and even then had an amazing work load. Another feature of the work then which Tony would develop as a politician was away of reaching out directly to people and groups affected by some issue of injustice. In his long career he never moved away for these basic principles of community development. He tried to empower people to tackle the issues that prevented them living life to their full potential.

These principles and methods of work were never more evident than in the famous Gregory deal. This agreement with Haughey had a basic social analysis at its roots. This social analysis viewed social disadvantage not as a single issue affecting an individual but as complex phenomena in which entire communities are trapped. Thus in introducing the concept of multi disadvantagement the Gregory deal for the first time in the history of the state took up the urban challenge and came up with solutions. The deal also echoed some of the aspiration in both the 1916 proclamation and the programme for the first Dail, particularly the aspiration to cherish all the children of the

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nation equally. The deal was the first integrated response to the problem of urban decay putting the betterment of people’s lives at its core values. It sought to tackle poverty and disadvantage from their economic educational and environmental roots. Solutions had to be

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multi dimensional or they would be simply cosmetic. Indeed one of Tony’s last contributions to the Dail was when he was sick and frail and he passionately asked for the State to come to the assistance of the people of O’Devaney gardens, Croke villas, Dominick Street and other areas whose hopes for social and physical regeneration were dashed by the collapse of the public private partnerships.

Tony himself summed up this analysis when the area was going through the heroin epidemic.

He said: People of the area have historically put up with bad housing, with a poor Educational system and with low paid employment and high unemployment but collectively we must draw a line on the Heroin problem it will take away our self respect and esteem, which in many cases is all we have left.

He did indeed set out courageously to tackle and name the dealers and to expose Government inaction on the issue. He was seen as the political spearhead of a mass movement of people who felt they had been abandoned by the state. This was a movement whose key demands would be articulated by Tony and which when the State woke up to its responsibilities became policy. Policies such as the CAB, treatment and rehabilitation centres, Drug task forces and policing

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fora, all had there origins in the cries from the street of which Tony was the first to hear and respond.

Tony’s death was particularly mourned by

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the street traders of Dublin. They fondly remember his defence of their traditional way of what he called eking out a living on the street. He saw the attack on the street traders as continuation of the states policy of moving the inner city people out of their traditional communities. He argued that the state had knocked down houses where people lived and

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now want to destroy their traditional ways of livelihood. When Tony was arrested and fined, he refused to pay and was imprisoned. He wanted to uphold the right of the poor to peaceful protest. For Tony all the issues linked and that linked was social injustice and State neglect.

The present Government is intent on rolling back the social progress and gains which we have made over the past thirty years. They are attacking the incomes of

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the people Tony stood up for, those on social welfare and low pay. Without any analysis or justification they are cutting back on the drug task forces fund and slashing the community development program. In our area some of the key community projects are arbitrarily deemed unviable.

Tony was the cofounder and chairperson of the first community project in the North inner city (NCCAP) and all his public life stated that the solution to many of our social problems is to resource people to address issues that stop their needs being met.

The present government while paying lip service to Tony’s legacy what he fought for all his life, projects involving locals to focus in on collective need.

There are those who say we will never see his likes again. Tony would not agree with this. He was a team player,

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sometimes the captain, sometimes a foot soldier. When we looked around at the people who gathered at his graveside he would be proud that collectively we are a key part of his legacy. A bunch of talented people who were the envy of every political party at the by election for his seat , a group of people who may not agree on everything but who are passionately committed

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to fairness and justice, wherever locally, nationally or internationally these rights are denied and are needed. As long as we hold to this vision of a fair society where we are measured by how we treat the weak and the poor Tony Gregory our friend and comrade will never die. Buy propecia generic online. Hair Loss off.

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